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Crossing Jordan (2001) - 2x13 - Strangled

Plot Outline

Jordan takes the staff back in time to find the Boston Strangler in Cavanaugh family tradition. Taking Max back to 1964 when he was a rookie cop working on a homicide that happend the same time as the Boston Strangler case. As they become people in the 1964 investigation will they find who was or is the Boston Strangler? Tune in to find out!

Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Miguel Ferrer as Dr. Garret Macy
Kathryn Hahn as Lily Lebowski
Jill Hennessy as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh
Ken Howard as Max Cavanaugh
Ravi Kapoor as Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatanaryanamurthy
Steve Valentine as Dr. Nigel Townsend
Guest Stars:
Allison Barcott as Ruth Carter
Robert Cicchini as (unknown)
Anthony Crivello as Albert DiSalvo
Jeana LaVardera as Peggy/Margaret Moran
Jerry O'Connell as Det. Woodrow "Woody" Hoyt
Stephen Snedden as Young Detective Max Cavanaugh
Michael Gershman

Gary Glasberg

Broadcast: 2003-02-03

Production No.: 02015

Episode Overall No.: 36

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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Episode Notes - EDIT EPISODE
Lorraine Toussaint is credited but does not appear.
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