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Prison Break (2005) - 1x19 - The Key

Plot Outline

The mystery man reveals himself to Lincoln as well as his connection to some bad company; when Michael realizes Sara holds the key to the escape plan, he takes their relationship to another level; Fox River turns into a mob scene when a familiar face returns; Tweener must choose sides; and Bellick may finally discover the "hole" truth on the.

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Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Paul Adelstein as Agent Paul Kellerman
Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin "C-Note" Miles Franklin
Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
Robin Tunney as Veronica Donovan
Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi
Wade Williams as Brad Bellick
Guest Stars:
Daniel Allar as Avocado
John Billingsley as Terrence Steadman
DuShon Brown as Nurse Katie Welch
Greg Cochara as Inmate (uncredited)
Anthony John Denison as Aldo Burrows
Michelle Forbes as Agent Samantha Brinker
Cliff Frazier as Orderly
Lane Garrison as David "Tweener" Apolskis
Frank Grillo as Nick Savrinn
Stacy Keach as Warden Henry Pope
Joe Nunez as Manche Sanchez
Jonathan Samuels as Inmate (uncredited)
Lester Kevin Senor as C.O. Kevin
Christian Stolte as C.O. Keith Stolte
Peter Stormare as John Abruzzi
Holly Valance as Nika Volek
Phillip Edward Van Lear as C.O. Louis Patterson
Wesley Walker as Cronie
Muse Watson as Charles Westmoreland
Scott Westerman as Maintenance Guy
Patricia Wettig as Vice President Caroline Reynolds
Will Zahrn as Sheriff Nate Ballard
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Zack Estrin, Matt Olmstead

Paul T. Scheuring

Broadcast: 2006-04-24

Production No.: 1AKJ18

Episode Overall No.: 20

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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Episode Notes - EDIT EPISODE
Marshall Allman does not appear in this episode.

Bellick: I heard Avocado cut his hose on your bunk. Must have been some serious gymnastics going on.

Vice President (to her brother): The only reason why you're still alive is because I won't let them kill you.

Bellick: You've always been a by the books type guy, boss, but this time, the books are going to get us fired.
Warden: Find him.

Tweener: Believe me what I got is worth it, so you gonna step up or what?
Bellick: This is your last chance Tweener, blow smoke again and Iíll be scraping you off the heel of my boot.
Tweener: Scofield and this whole PI crew, they're escaping.

Michael: How are you?
Sara: Fine, you?
Michael: Fine.
Sara: Can I have your hand please.
Other Dr.: Here they are?
Sara: Here what are?
Other Dr.: Your keys, they were right over there by your inbox. You got a maintenance guy waiting outside here said you wanted to change the locks, you want me to call him off.
(Sara glares at Michael)
Sara: No send him in. (Michael looks worried) Is there something wrong?
Michael: No, unless you want to talk about what happened this morning.
Sara: I think I have a pretty good idea, were done here.

Tweener: Iím dead no matter what.
Michael: There maybe another way outta here.
Tweener: Yeh, in a body bag.
Michael: I need to know if I can trust you.
Tweener: Iím straight up as they come, you know.
Michael: No I mean really trust you.

Lincoln: You know what you've done, the mother of my child is dead.
Dad: I know.
Lincoln: Do you? (Smashing things) Then Iím guessing you know Michaelís in Fox River and LJ's rotting in some prison.
Dad: I know all this.

Sucre: Have you figured out how youíre gonna get the key to the infirmary yet?
Michael: Not quite.
Sucre: You working your game on her, or what?
Michael: I donít know.

(Michael kisses Sara)
Sara: What do you want from me, Michael?
Michael: Sara, I need you to do something for me.
Sara: What?
Michael: Wait for me, it wonít always be like this. This room, in this place.
Sara: Until then I cant, we cant, I canít and Iíve gotta go.

Michael: Iím glad your back.
Abruzzi: Iím surprised youíre still here, I thought you'd be gone by now.
Michael: Well, we had a few set backs.
Abruzzi: Still planning on it?
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