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Robin Hood (2006) - 1x03 - Who Shot the Sheriff?

Plot Outline

When a mysterious sniper murders innocent people, the finger's pointed at Robin. The Sheriff is nearly killed, and uses this as an opportunity to incriminate Robin. He enlists his Master of Arms, De Fourtnoy, to carry out more assassinations.

Desperate to stop the killings, Robin's forced to form an unholy alliance with the Sheriff: Robin will protect the Sheriff as he walks through Nettlestone to draw out the killer.
Lucy Griffiths as Marian and Thomas Lockyer as Lacey

As more innocent people are slain, Marian investigates the chief suspects: De Fourtnoy who has benefited from the deaths, and Lacey, chief archer who bears a grudge against the Sheriff.

The day of the Sheriff's walkabout arrives, and Robin spots the Nightwatchman acting strangely. Robin catches the Nightwatchman who reveals herself to be Marian. Marian announces that Lacey is the real killer. Robin and Marian corner Lacey who admits to murdering two people.

Troubled by Lacey's admission, Robin confronts the Sheriff over the other killings. The Sheriff remains enigmatic and declares the unholy alliance over.

Gisborne murders De Fourtnoy to destroy evidence of the Sheriff's crimes. Meanwhile, Robin's good name is restored and Nottingham is safe again.

Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Keith Allen as Sheriff of Nottingham
Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne
Joe Armstrong as Allan A Dale
Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood
William Beck as Roy
Lucy Griffiths as Marian Fitzwalter
Gordon Kennedy as Little John
Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett
Sam Troughton as Much
Guest Stars:
Natasha Alexander as Kate
Michael Elwyn as Edward
Sam Hazeldine as Owen
Kwame Kwei-Armah as De Fourtnoy (Master-at-Arms)
Thomas Lockyer as Joe Lacey
Jonathan McGuinness as Joderic
Dorian Thomas as Matthew
Richard Standeven

Paul Cornell

Broadcast: 2006-10-21

Production No.: 103

Episode Overall No.: 3

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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