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Beach Patrol (2006) - 3x10 - Episode 10: Unidentified Floating Object

Plot Outline

Out on Mission Bay, lifeguards are alerted when fishermen find a mysterious looking object in the water. Unable to assess what the danger level is, they call in the fire department to contain what could seems to be potentially hazardous material. Later, at La Jolla Shores, a young boy is suffering from severe trauma after a terrible stingray attack. As the toxins rush through his bloodstream, the boy must rely on the lifeguards to save his leg. And finally, a fight between two transients on the boardwalk leaves one man bloody and the other in need of medical attention. Can lifeguards and police subdue the attacker before he harms someone else?

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Episode's Cast
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Broadcast: 2007-02-05

Production No.: 325

Episode Overall No.: 26

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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