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ReGenesis (2004) - 3x07 - One Hand Washes the Other

Plot Outline

The antibiotic-resistant strain of c.difficile that killed Dr. Joanna Sabean (Ingrid Kavelaars) was finally found in a potted mum, inside the Wisconsin hospital where Joanna had been working. NorBAC traced the mum to a farm owned by Myles Bishop (Richard Fitzpatrick) in Ojai, California. Despite the illegal Mexican workers living in squalor on his land, Bishop argues that he runs an environmentally friendly operation. But until NorBAC can find out where the bacteria are coming from, Bishop is forced to shut down his business.

The death of his ex-wife Joanna has already taken a toll on Carlos (Conrad Pla). Now, as Carlos warns the nervous migrant workers about the health risks on Bishop's farm, a 12-year-old girl, Elvia (Ivania Sandoval), comes forward and reports that her father, Felipe (Carlos Congote), is sick but refuses to go to a clinic for fear of deportation. All Carlos can do is hydrate Felipe, and hope for the best. He leaves Elvia to care for her father while he and David (Peter Outerbridge) continue their investigation.

Initially, signs point to an open-pit latrine as the source of the c.difficile. But the bacterium turns out to not be antibiotic-resistant, and not what's out on the fields. Although they haven't found their source, at least now they know they can start Felipe on antibiotics. But by the time Carlos gets back to Felipe with the news, father and daughter have fled. Now Carlos has to find them before it's too late.

While Bob (Dmitry Chepovetsky) struggles with increasingly diminished vision following the NorBAC explosion, he continues to be an asset to the commission. His tests of the Ojai, California soil samples turn up a very common bacteria found in soil everywhere, but which seems to be carrying a resistance marker that would make it impossible to mate with c.difficile.

Through a soil analysis, however, he discovers that the soil is saturated in triclocarbon - an antimicrobial found in all sorts of household items. And the highest concentration was found in the farm's compost - which comes from a sewage plant in Orange County.

NorBAC suspects that it was the compost - not any of Bishop's farming practices - that created the antibiotic resistant bacteria. But where does that leave Bishop? All he's left with now are 300 acres of worthless farmland.

Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Greg Bryk as Weston Field
Dmitry Chepovetsky as Bob Melnikov
Wendy Crewson as Rachel Woods
Mayko Nguyen as Mayko Tran
Peter Outerbridge as David Sandström
Conrad Pla as Carlos Serrano
Guest Stars:
Carlos Congote as Felipe
Richard Fitzpatrick as Myles Bishop
Ren Olivieri as Immigration Officer
Ivania Sandoval as Elvia
Clement Virgo

Cal Coons

Broadcast: 2007-05-06

Production No.: (unknown)

Episode Overall No.: 33

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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