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Paradise City (2007) - 1x01 - Vegas, Baby!

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Plot Outline

The characters are introduced as an entrepreneur named Jenner moves from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to launch an Internet magazine for women. She becomes roommates with a club waitress named Greta, then meets entertainment reporter Molly and Playboy bunny April. The women's male friends include singer Rick, who fronts a band, and model Willie.

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Episode's Cast
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Broadcast: 2007-03-04

Production No.: (unknown)

Episode Overall No.: 1

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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Featured Music
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Other Music:
"Jet Baby" by The Handcuffs
"Holy Holy" by Vaughan Penn
"It's the Sound" by Tracy Speuhler
"Control" by i-94
"Better Days" by Lesli Matta
"Alive" by Thomas Hamilton
"Comfortable Denial" by World Without Sundays
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