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Saving Grace (2007) - 1x02 - Bring It on, Earl

Plot Outline

The detectives investigate the murder of an oilman who may have been the victim of anti-oil activists, or he may have been murdered by someone a little closer to home. Lt. Yukon's brother, who is constantly in trouble, is brought in as an informant on the case, dredging up old wounds. Meanwhile, after continued visits from Earl, Grace ties to prove her strength by challenging him to a wrestling match. Her relationship with Ham becomes strained after he finds out about her past relationship with Butch. Ham is also being forced to spend the night elsewhere after his wife begins to suspect his affair with Grace.

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Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Bailey Chase as Butch Ada
Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko
Kenny Johnson as Ham Dewey
Leon Rippy as Earl
Laura San Giacomo as Rhetta Rodriguez
Bokeem Woodbine as Leon Cooley
Guest Stars:
Roger Aaron Brown as Lt. Yukon Roger
Gregory Norman Cruz as Bobby Stillwater
Larry Hankin as Crusty
Chris Kramer as Danny
Jessica Lundy as Bell Grady
James Marsters as Dudley Payne
Nancy McLoughlin as Della Mae
Jeris Poindexter as Pup Jeris
Esteban Powell as Lee Burke
Kevin Ramsey as Otis Yukon
Mark L. Taylor as Henry
Guy Ferland

Nancy Miller

Broadcast: 2007-07-30

Production No.: (unknown)

Episode Overall No.: 2

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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