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Greek (2007) - 1x07 - Multiple Choice

Plot Outline

As mid-term week approaches, the pressure is building for Rusty as he is determined to maintain his grades while keeping up his social life at the fraternity. Of course, Cappie has the answers for him but is it the right thing to do?

Cappie not only presents Rusty with an appealing offer of help but when he is partnered with Casey on a school project, Casey is tempted once again by her past.

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Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Clark Duke as Dale
Scott M. Foster as Cappie
Spencer Grammer as Casey Cartwright
Paul James as Calvin Owens
Jake McDorman as Evan Chambers
Amber Stevens as Ashleigh
Jacob Zachar as Rusty Cartwright
Guest Stars:
Chris Black as Dollyrot Player
Luis Cabezas as Dollyrot Player
Dan Castellaneta as Dr. Milton Hastings
Tiffany Dupont as Frannie
Lisa Fredrickson as Dr. Allesandri
Aaron Hill as The Beaver
Edward Kiniry-Ostro as Harville
Zack Lively as Heath
Kelly A. Ogden as Dollyrot Player
Jessica Rose as Jen K
Travis Van Winkle as Travis
Michael Lange

Michael Berns

Broadcast: 2007-08-20

Production No.: (unknown)

Episode Overall No.: 7

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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Featured Music
The Dollyrots [Because I'm Awesome] - Because I'm AwesomeThe Dollyrots, Because I'm Awesome, Because I\'m Awesome
Blackpool Lights [This Town's Disaster] - This Town's DisasterBlackpool Lights, This Town's Disaster, This Town\'s Disaster
Aidan Hawken [Pillows & Records] - JennyAidan  Hawken, Pillows & Records, Jenny
The Woods [The Woods] - Too LateThe Woods, The Woods, Too Late
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