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Hospital Central (2000) - 18x15 - No Imagino Un Plan Mejor

Plot Outline

Vilches is on the ledge of a window, trying to escape from Dr. Lazaro's hospital, while Sandra gets discovered and is then held against her will. Vilches plans to do everything he can to make public whatever is actually going on at the private clinic. Javier will try to holp him, but entering the clinic proves just as difficult as running from it.
Meanwhile at the hospital Hector, Fernando and Gimeno take care of the injured coming froma a traffic accident caused by a sleepwalker. Maca cures a twelve-year-old involved in the accident while he was trying to steal money to be able to feed his family.

Episode's Cast
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Broadcast: 2010-11-10

Production No.: (unknown)

Episode Overall No.: 264

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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