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Prison Break (2005) - 1x15 - By the Skin and the Teeth

Plot Outline

A face from Lincoln's past haunts him on the day of his execution while Veronica raises the dead to prove his innocence. Michael takes guard duty and formulates a new escape plan. A mysterious man sheds light on the conspiracy.

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Episode's Cast
Main Stars:
Paul Adelstein as Agent Paul Kellerman
Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin "C-Note" Miles Franklin
Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
Robin Tunney as Veronica Donovan
Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi
Wade Williams as Brad Bellick
Guest Stars:
Mac Brandt as C.O. Mack
Robert Breuler as Dr. Wasserman
DuShon Brown as Nurse Katie Welch
Matt DeCaro as C.O. Roy Geary
Anthony John Denison as Aldo Burrows
Michelle Forbes as Agent Samantha Brinker
Joshua Gibbons as Prall The Pitcher
Frank Grillo as Nick Savrinn
Joel Hatch as Judge Kessler
Hunter Jablonski as Young Lincoln
Stacy Keach as Warden Henry Pope
Tracy Letts as Peter Tucci
Kevin Lingle as Young Lincoln's Dad
Antoine McKay as Yard Guard
Joe Nunez as Manche Sanchez
Andrew Rothenberg as Psych Ward Orderly Sklar
Christian Stolte as C.O. Keith Stolte
Phillip Edward Van Lear as C.O. Louis Patterson
Muse Watson as Charles Westmoreland
Patricia Wettig as Vice President Caroline Reynolds
Jay Whittaker as Commander Meyers
Fred Gerber

Nick Santora

Broadcast: 2006-03-27

Production No.: 1AKJ14

Episode Overall No.: 16

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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Episode Notes - EDIT EPISODE
Marshall Allman does not appear.

T-Bag: You tellin' me to get to the Infirmary we gotta go through the Whack Shack!

C-Note: We'll be like ducks in a shooting range. I don't like your plan snowflake.

(While Lincoln is in the electrical chair about to be electrcuted.)
Lincoln: It's him! Michael.
Veronica: What's he saying?
Lincoln: Michael turn around! It's him.
Veronica: What do you think he's saying?
Lincoln: Michael turn around.
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