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Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (2003) - 2x21 - Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B.

Plot Outline

Completely forgetting their British counterparts,the Fab 5 have hopped on a plane(1st class of course) to help a former rocker out. Simon Britton with his once wild now blah mop of red hair,an apartment a smaller if not smaller than those of NYC,a case of stage fright,and a wardrobe of either black or bold colors is going back on stage for the 1st time in 6 years,yeah!.Carson after an encounter with the Buckingham Guards mixes suit jackets with band shirts.He uses nothing but British designers.Jai after finding out Simon has always loved to fly takes him and his girlfriend Mary to the London Circus School for trapeze lessons and gives him reminders for dealing with stage fright.Also as Simon's apartment is so little Jai rigged a digital music system which consists of thus:Simon hits a button on his computer keyboard and music will play through out the house.Kyan is a counselor in this episode as Simon's trademark is his LONG wild red mane,in the end with the support of Kyan,Anthony the stylist and a glass of wine, Simon settles into the chair.It turns out fine.Ted after noting the abundant Indian and middle eastern places teaches Simon how to make jumbo prawns and paratha.Thom gets spacing furniture for the house and sets up a canopy,fireplace,and faux fur covered chairs in the garden.The prep:prawns have a fairly complicated process,and did I mention that Simon has never cooked in his life?the paratha(they're like pancakes)turns out fine as all you do is flip it.When Mary knocks Simon leaves her standing in the cold as he tjuzes and keeps cooking.When she is finally let in Mary does the typical girlfriend/wife reaction, expounding on Thom's work,grabbing at Simon's hair and as they enjoy dinner comments how the canopy keeps the noise from the flying over planes low. At the club Simon's band mates don't recognize him, and then...his mum shows up and she isn't pleased (where has that happened before?)The performance is great and the fab 5 hope this phoenix will rise again with even greater success.

Episode's Cast
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Broadcast: 2005-01-25

Production No.: 154

Episode Overall No.: 46

Episode Type: Regular Episode

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