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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 5x22 - Revelations

Plot Outline
In the aftermath of Daniel's departure, a shattered SG-1 is called upon by the Asgard when Freyr asks them to rescue a scientist, Heimdall, who is stranded on a moon under attack by Osiris. When the team arrives they find that Heimdall is doing research to overcome the problems in the Asgard's genetic/reproduction system – if he fails, their race is doomed. Worse, Osiris has created technology capable of withstanding Asgard weaponry and has captured Thor. She and Anubis plan to draw all the information of Asgard technology from Thor's mind.

When Anubis arrives, Jack and Teal'c manage to slip on board the ship during transport to rescue Thor and blow up the shields preventing them from Heimdall teleporting them out. With Heimdall's scanners they stay ahead of the Jaffa until Osiris floods their section with coolant gas and captures them. Heimdall reveals that he has an uncloned Asgard body they need to study and begin evacuation. Thor manages to get them out through the ship's circuitry even as Osiris takes Carter captive. Jack and Teal'c destroy the shield and Heimdall teleports everyone back to their cargo ship, including Thor. They flee as three stronger Asgard ships arrive and Osiris and Anubis flee. Thor is left in a coma while the team isleft to ponder how powerful Anubis truly is, and left to wonder about the mysterious breeze that follows them out of the base.

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