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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 6x11 - Prometheus (Part 1)

Plot Outline
Julia Donovan, a TV reporter, confronts Major Carter and asks her about Project Prometheus. Major Carter reports to General Hammond about Donovan knowing about Prometheus, General Hammond sends Major Davis to meet the presswoman and talks with her about not releasing the info to the public, she thinks Prometheus is some sort of fusion reactor. Later at the SGC, General Hammond decides to allow them to tour the facility but O'Neil thinks it's an "insanely bad idea" but later Major Davis and Major Carter meet with the producer and then the producer agrees to give the SGC the source of their information in exchange for a tour of Prometheus.

Major Carter and Jonas bring the crew out in the middle of the Nevada desert and bring them down to Prometheus (A.K.A. the X-303). They are amazed that it is an interstellar ship instead of a fusion reactor. The X-303 was made from the pieces of Thor's ship and some human technology. While on the tour one of the camera crew members, Smith, has a zat-gun and shoot the two guards that are with them and then they inturrupt the simulation tests to attempt to launch it into orbit. Major Carter escapes and closes a door and disables it so it can't open from the outside. Jonas hides the hyper drive crystal but the producer (who is with them) shows them where it is. The camera crew are with the NDA, Simmons' ex-department and the one Maybourne used to work with as well.

The invaders activate the hyper drive and threaten to blow up Prometheus unless Adrian Conrad and Colonel Simmons are given to them within two hours. Colonel O'Neil arrives and they inform the base above of their demands, Carter makes a radio out of some scraps in the room and tells them that she's locked in and that the "camera crew" has taken over Prometheus.

Carter escapes from the room by cutting a hole in the door with a plasma cutter. Colonel Simmons and Adrian Conrad are brought to the NDA rogue operatives. Conrad fixes the hyper drive and programs the coordinates into the ship. O'Neil and Teal'c fly into the ship with the death glider from Anubis. The rogue operatives meet Carter and are about to shoot her when O'Neill and Teal'c get them. Conrad turns agaisnt Simmons and gets shot - his gou'ald leaps to Simmons, who fights O'Neill and Teal'c but before he can kill Teal'c the X-303 comes out of the hyper drive tunnel and O'Neil opens the airlock causing Simmons with the gou'ald to fly out into space and die.

They meet up with Carter and find out that the people who stole the ship found a tablet in the writing of the "Ancients" and they decoded it with the help of Conrad and all they needed was a way there. The planet was supposed to have weapons and technology on it. Carter tries to plot a course for home but can't because she has no idea where they are at. She estimates that they are at least 12,000 light years from Earth. Thor's ship appears and Thor beams aboard Prometheus - they ask Thor to get them home but Thor needs their help and their ship because the Asgard homeworld has been taken over by the Replicators.

(to be continued...)

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