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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 6x12 - Unnatural Selection (2)

Plot Outline
Still on the ship Prometheus, the SG-1 team is visited by Thor. He informs them that one of the Asgard planets has been overrun by Replicators that they lured there using the android replicator creator from "Menace", and the Asgard need their help to defeat the invaders. Due to temporal distortion that the Asgard engineered but the Replicators altered to their benefit, the planet has existed in its own personal time for thousands of relative years. When the team arrives they discover that the Replicators have evolved into humanoid type beings that want to mentally scan the team of all of their memories of the planets they have been to outside of the Replicators' home planet. One of the Replicators, "Fifth," offers to help Sam and the others and guard the time device that they set to freeze the Replicator's planet in temporal stasis. Not trusting Fifth, Jack and Sam betray him by setting the timer on the device to engage the stasis earlier then they told him. Fifth and the other Replicators are frozen in time as the team makes their escape in Prometheus.
(Part 2 of 2).

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