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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 6x15 - Paradise Lost

Plot Outline
Maybourne tells Jack about a planet which was inhabited by the Furlings, he says there's a weapon there and that he has the key to get into it and he gets Jack into taking him to the planet along with SG-1. Once on the planet, he puts the key in and inserts the combination, but he doesn't do one step, he takes Carter's zat gun and shoots her and Jack, he pulls out the key, which causes the doorway to open, he jumps through and so does Jack. It turns out that there was no weapon, it was a "utopia" that Maybourne wanted to go to because he had nothing left on Earth. Maybourne assumes that they are on the other side of the planet, meanwhile, Major Carter and a team of scientists have been trying to find a way to activate the doorway again for a week, they have nothing. Jack & Maybourne find a place where the Furlings once lived. The place is abandoned now. The SGC informs the Tok'ra of the situation hoping that they would have some advice, the Tok'ra scan the planet with one of their ships for life but there is no sign of life on the planet. Jack and Maybourne search for food and water, Jack finds several dead Furlings with one of them containing a dead Goa'uld! Jack then discovers that the next day, Maybourne has taken his P-90 and escaped into the forest. Jack shoots a pig but misses and shoots Maybourne. Back on the SGC, Carter descovers that Jack and Maybourne aren't on the other side of the planet, but on the moon of the planet by watching the video and noticing that the moon isn't there anymore in the second day of the video. Maybourne shoots at Jack on the planet and even throws a gernade at him, Jack shoots Maybourne but decides to save him; the reason that the Furlings died is because the Goa'uld brought a plant through the trasporter which causes the person who ate it to go insane and die. A cargo ship sent by the Tok'ra arrives and picks them up, the Tok'ra send Maybourne to an isolated planet somewhere.

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