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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 7x02 - Homecoming (2)

Plot Outline
Kelowna asks SGC for assistance from Anubis' attack, while Yu's First prime reveals to a captive Teal'c that the System Lord is going slowly insane due to his age and constant use of the healing sarcophagus. Teal'c convinces the First prime to contact System Lord Ba'al. Sam and Jack travel to Kelowna and discover Anubis has the Naquadria and is moving on their main base to acquire their Stargate. Daniel tries to free Jonas while Jack and Sam convince the Kelownans and their enemies Tyrania and Andari to combine forces to accept Ba'al's help.

Anubis' forces try to recover Kelowna artifacts that are crystals with data on the Naquadria project to bring it up to speed. Teal'c and Sam get there just as Anubis' Jaffa do and get captured.just as Jonas and Daniel use the teleport-rings to arrive and free them. However, Commander Hale of Kelowna sells everyone out to Anubis and gives him the crystal, then gets killed. Ba'al arrives in the nick of time to cause a distraction so SG-1 gets the crystal back – Anubis and his First, Her'ak, escape as the System Lord's pyramid-ship is destroyed. Quinn is invited back to Kelowna to act as a diplomatic representative with Tyrania and Andari and accepts.

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