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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 7x06 - Lifeboat

Plot Outline
The team discover a ship on planet P2A-347 containing cylinders holding people in suspended animation. Glowing energy knocks out the team, and Teal'c manages to get them back through the gate. Daniel wakes up and acts erratically as if he were another person (Martice of Talthus, a sovereign ruler), and Fraiser shows him having the EKGs of a dozen individuals. O'Neill and Carter wake up and Jackson eventually switches to the personality of the chief engineer, Tryan, who is more reasonable and explains they merged consciousnesses with Daniel and can't be separated, or returned to their now-dead bodies. They and two other evacuation ships fled their planet Ardena when a black star caused a solar flare, the ship crashed, and its power loss endanger the sleepers. Teal'c believes someone emerged and forced the merger with Daniel.

Teal'c and Sam discover a survivor, Pharrin, on the ship who holds the spirits of 13 other passengers, and hopes to keep them alive until the other two ships fleeing their planetary disaster arrive. Pharrin is the one who put the other spirits in Daniel and knows how to undo the process, but is understandably reluctant since the removal will kill the spirits, including his son. SGC refuses to grant the power to save the ship unless Pharrin restoes Daniel, and Martice orders Pharrin to stand down. Jack persuades Pharrin to ignore Martice, and Fraiser puts them back in suspended animation while they restore power to the ship to revive them fully.

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