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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 7x07 - Enemy Mine

Plot Outline
While on a survey of an abandoned Naqahdah mine on P3X-403 one of Colonel Edwards' men, Lt. Ritter, goes missing. SG-1 arrives to help in the search and find Ritter dead - left as a warning by the locals. Meanwhile, Daniel finds evidence of Unas living on the planet. The Unas want the "Umans" (i.e. humans) to leave their home alone. The humans want to mine the rich deposit of naquadah they have just discovered.

Daniel calls in his old buddy, Chaka, to help him negotiate with the local Unas leader, who Daniel nicknames Iron Shirt for the Jaffa armor he wears. The mine is where the Unas slaves were worked to death and they consider it holy ground. Complicating matters, Edwards and his team find a huge deposit of naquadah - Earth military has no intent of abandoning the planet. It's a tense situation and negotiations break down as an Unas is mistakenly killed by a soldier who believes he is about to be attacked. The Unas horde prepare to attack but their leader offer to let them surrender if they drop to the ground. Despite Edwards' objections, they eventually do and the leader agrees to negotiate. The Unas agree to work the mine for Earth and give the naqahdah to them.

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