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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 7x08 - Space Race

Plot Outline
SG-1 is negotiating with the Hebridans (from "Forsaken") who have high tech that SGC is interested in procuring. Carter volunteers to help the Serrakin pilot they rescued previously, Warrick, and supply a naqadah generator in return for getting a chance to unofficially study their technology. While Carter and Warrick go off on the race, Teal'c and Warrick's brother Eamon monitor the ship as it suffers apparent sabotage along the dangerous "Loop." Teal'c and Eamon go off to investigate and discover that Eamon's boss Tynan has rigged the race. They get captured while Sam and Warrick rescue another pilot, Jarlath, and discover that sabotage is rampant - the saboteurs are humans wanting to make sure their kind win. Tynan threatens to kill his prisoners if the ship doesn't slow, but Jack and Daniel free them and with Jarlath's help they keep the favored human ship from winning.

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