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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 7x10 - Birthright

Plot Outline
SG-1 meets with a group of Jaffa but are interrupted by an attack by female Jaffa. They salvage the larva from a dying male Jaffa and take the team to their camp on another planet. It turns out the System Lord Moloch kills the women, the Ha'ktyl, so they rebel, but require the symbiotes to keep their female children alive when they reach puberty. Sam offers the women tretonin and Teal'c convinces their leader and priestess, Ishar, but others are skeptical. A group of the women volunteer for treatment at SGC while Teal'c and Daniel remain behind and Teal'c and Ishar grow closer. One of the test subjects rejects the treatment and dies, causing Ishar to take Teal'c and Daniel hostage as her people go out to get more symbiotes from Moloch's symbiotes. Ishar has a change of heart and her rebellious lieutenant Neath is badly wounded, but is persuaded to take the tretonin treatment by her sister Nesa. The two sides agree to remain in touch and continue their alliance and Teal'c and Ishta have a parting kiss.

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