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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 7x22 - Lost City (Part 2)

Plot Outline
It starts with Jack doing another crossword but its not really a crossword in the questions Jack reveals the location of the Lost City. (They go to the planet and discover that it isn't the real Lost City but it helps them find the real one. Which is on Earth and and they find it near the other Stargate in Antarctica. They have to melt a mile of ice to get to it though. but while they are doing that above them is the biggest battle in Stargate history against the X-303, X-302's and the fleet of Anubis. When they reach the Lost City they use the technology and its more like a zillion ghosts but destructive ghosts that destroy Anubis and his fleet. Jack almost dies and he freezes himself in the Lost City.

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