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Stargate SG-1 (1997) - 9x15 - Ethon

Plot Outline
The Prometheus is caught in a firefight when SG-1 tries to rescue Dr. Jackson who has been captured on an Ori-controlled world.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-02-06 21:52:07
1.) "rough day" indeed! very good episode... definitely one of the top 3 episode of this season so far.

uhm... curious that the crew on atlantis haven't heard of the destruction of the prometheus... uhm... what are they doing without an own vessel? maybe the dedalus will have apperances in SG-1 and Atlantis?! or they are building a new ship... maybe a better one... with technology from earth, asgard and ancient...

hard to see the commander of the Prometheus die... "a captain sinks with his ship"

Posted on:
2006-02-07 20:34:37
2.) i hope they get there hands on those plans for the ori weapon that would be a nice substitute for the loss of prometheus and maybe we will see arora's sister ship in SG1
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