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CSI (2000) - 6x15 - Pirates of the Third Reich

Plot Outline
A woman's bald, branded and emaciated body is discovered dumped in the desert. The investigation soon reveals that the victim is the estranged daughter of Grissom's one-time friend Lady Heather. The probe also reveals that one of the dead woman's eyeballs isn't her own and belongs instead to a convicted sex offender. When Grissom confronts Lady Heather, she isn't too cooperative, but later she provides Grissom with some astonishing evidence.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-02-15 03:12:14
1.) We get to see some more of Lady Heather which has always been interesting, especially the "realtionship"/story with Grissom continues to evolve. I hope we'll get to see more even though it's possible that after what she does in the end we might not see her again.

One thing I need to critize strongly though: Brass' comment: "Nothing sounds good in German." Not only is this an insult to the German languages it is stupid to say that about any language. This is a very generalized and subjective opinion and doesn't really show him in a good way. I think it would have been better to let Brass not say this, for the character's and maybe even the fans' sake

Posted on:
2006-03-04 18:04:29
2.) plz remember it's not real.... he is human and some humans do say stuff like that. try not to take offence as i'm sure it was not intended :)

myself... i love germans... couldnt eat a whole one though :)
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