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Miss Match (2003) - 1x05 - I Got You, Babe

Plot Outline
As Halloween approaches, Kate realizes that it doesn't take a holiday to make people pretend to be something they are not. Kate's role in her longtime friend Gabrielle's wedding suddenly shifts from bridesmaid to attorney when her fiancĂ­ calls off the wedding, asks for the ring back and Gabrielle retaliates by suing him for all the wedding costs. Meanwhile, Kate gets a taste of romance when she begins dating Gary whom she meets at Gabrielle's bridal shower, but finds herself an awkward situation when Gabrielle forbids her to date him after the break-up. While Kate struggles to choose between her new guy and her friend and client, the only situation that seems to be going well is her match between Michael and Amy thanks in large part to some helpful, but misguided coaching from Kate.

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