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Miss Match (2003) - 1x14 - The Price of Love

Plot Outline
Kate joins Victoria at a party where she is bartending, only to discover upon her arrival that all the beautiful women around the pool are actually call girls! Nevertheless, one of the girls, Sarah takes Kate up on her offer to help her find a real relationship. Sarah isn't happy with Kate's first choice for her, Barry, opposing council in Kate's latest case, so when she meets Michael, another client of Kate's who happens to be looking for a date for a special event, she takes things into her own hands. Although Sarah and Michael seem to hit if off and she agrees to be his date for the party, a last minute change in Sarah's plans results in Kate having to step in as Michael's replacement date - a situation she isn't entirely upset about. Back at the office, Kate's client Meaghan, tries to gain some respect and access to the family finances from her husband Daniel by taking him to court. (Source: NBC)

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