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Dinotopia (2002) - Pilot: Dinotopia Mini-Series (3)

Plot Outline
When David and Karl were trapped in one of the dangerous forests in Dinotopia, Marion and Zippo finally recovered them, and discovered new things while they were there. Later, David, Karl, Marion, and Zippo along with the map from Cyrus Crabb, they would journey to the World Beneath as their last report to bring back Sunstones to reenergize the failing and rampaging Waterfall City. Marion and Zippo returned to the city while David, Karl and Cyrus used his small submarine to enter the World Beneath. David decided to keep one of the Sunstones with him in case Cyrus was going to backstabbed them, and sure Cyrus did, he escaped with all the Sunstones that the group gathered. But he didn't go far with the Sunstone (that had the perfect size) that powered his submarine. He passed away as the two brothers found their missing father. The family of three were able to find their way back to the surface and return to Waterfall City to revive the destroyed city.

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