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Surface (2005) - 1x15 - Episode 15

Plot Outline
As a massive tsunami heads for the east coast, Laura must save Rich by heading to North Carolina where Miles and his family are trying to escape with their lives.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-03-21 23:44:00
1.) I nearly quit watching this show as I thought it was quite poor, specially found the characters very uninteresting and poorly developed. Still must have something as here I am at the end of the season and I am still watching.
What I found it a bit hard to believe in this episode was the fact that with the tsunami coming the people evacuating and fleeing for their lives, still obeyed the traffic laws and left one lane free which came in handy for Laura to drive in to rescue Rich - yeah as if!!!!!!

Posts: 119
Posted on:
2006-05-29 18:39:05
2.) Yes thats truw, i din't belive it myself, thats never what would happen  
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