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Meet the Barkers (2005) - 2x06 - An Alabama Christmas

Plot Outline
Shanna is looking and feeling very pregnant and taking the final steps toward having the baby. She debates baby names, completes her bridal registry and has an awesome shower, scoring some great gifts for the baby-to-be. Meanwhile, Travis attends a car show where he is presented with a brand new Cadillac. He also does some Christmas shopping for the kids and ends up buying a huge amount of toys for them.

Shanna gives birth to a beautiful baby girl that she and Travis decide to name Alabama. Not only are the parents excited about the new additon to their family, toddler Landon has already shown his excitement by 'playing' with her, too. All is well in the Barker household as they celebrate the birth of their new daughter and relax. That's a wrap! Alabama was born on December 24, 2005.

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