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Lost (2004) - 2x18 - Dave

Plot Outline
Libby lends a helping hand to Hurley to support him when he begins to think the island is having a strange effect on him, and Locke's sense of purpose is shaken when the prisoner gives him new information about the hatch.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-04-06 20:09:21
1.) what the heck???? oh man, if this whole lost thing is made up hurley in the end... this sucks!
an very nice hurley-centric episode with a really suprising end but please!

the season final is near... maybe hurley gets another nightmare or so...

Posted on:
2006-04-06 20:14:57
2.) but on the other hand... maybe it is not a dream of hurley isn't dreaming... maybe libby was in same psychiatry like hurley... that would explain why hurley belives he knew her someway... maybe she is one of the OTHERS?!  

Posted on:
2006-04-16 16:14:16
3.) Well I thought i had clocked the series from this episode, but then the next episode kinda threw me off, lol. But if i am right, its a bit crap... lol  
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