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Cold Case (2003) - 3x18 - Willkommen

Plot Outline
When a theater owner discovers a .38 slug in a piece of set furniture that is not being used as a prop, Lilly and Jeffries reinvestigate the 2002 case labeled the "Cabaret Murder," which involved the shooting of a local cabaret singer.

In 2002, Dennis Hirschfelder joined a community theater as a cabaret singer, but on opening night he never made it to the stage to "break a leg." Instead, he was shot to death directly outside the backstage door. His murder was considered one of several shootings and muggings committed by local robbers who were never caught, however, all evidence pointed to someone inside the theater. Most of Dennis' theater friends called it the greed-eyed monster that killed him and now Lilly and Jeffries begin their quest to catch a killer.

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