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Charlie Jade (2005) - 1x13 - Through A Mirror Darkly

Plot Outline
In a cat and mouse game between captor and captive, Charlie is enraged by 01's web of lies, half truths and distortions. But in getting at the truth, Charlie realizes that while 01 is not an ally, neither is he an enemy. In fact, he's just an evil bastard who's done more to hurt Vexcor than either Charlie or Lubinsky combined. Meanwhile, when Reena discovers neurotic executive Norman Ord plotting to betray the Company, she blackmails him into revealing Vexcor's secrets or risk exposure. Back in Alphaverse, Jasmine is forced to return to her old life of prostitution after rejecting Detective Tukarrs' offer to help. But when a client pushes her to the edge, she lashes out with pent up rage.

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