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Charlie Jade (2005) - 1x14 - The Enemy Of My Enemy

Plot Outline
Lubinsky convinces Charlie to seek out Norman Ord, a frightened Company executive who originated some leaked documents about Vexcor's corrupt environmental track record. When Charlie learns that Ord's been working with Reena, he tracks down the "New Face of Terror" - but not before she kills Porter and the security team who have been on her tail since finding a sophisticated explosive device in the Vexcor boardroom. At first, Charlie believes he has a new ally in the war against Vexcor, but Reena's behaviour suddenly takes a violent turn. From his own days in the Alphaverse military, Charlie realizes she's been programmed with the embedded personality of a fierce killer with a hidden agenda and, until he can figure out a way to circumvent the programming, she must be considered a danger to all in her path.

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