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Charlie Jade (2005) - 1x17 - Spin

Plot Outline
When Charlie finds himself in the spoiled sands of Cape City, he contacts his friend Papa Louis for help in tracking down Jasmine. But when Charlie inadvertently mentions Cape Town, the ever-present Ectoskin registers the forbidden words and Papa Louis is quickly nabbed by Vexcor security. She is accused of Breach of Corporate Confidentiality and is scheduled for televised execution. There's nothing Charlie - or Sew Sew Tukarrs for that matter - can do to save her. But, in a risky meeting cooked up by Sew Sew, Charlie tells his ill-fated friend about Vexcor's crimes against the world. When Papa Louis exposes the corruption on national television, Essa Rompkin calls a press conference and deftly puts a positive spin on the damaging exposé. Meanwhile, his time nearly up, ailing Brion Boxer travels to Gammaverse and kills 01's beloved family. Enraged at the murder of his family, 01 kills his father.

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