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Charlie Jade (2005) - 1x18 - Bedtime Story

Plot Outline
When Charlie was trapped in Betaverse, all he wanted was to get back to Alphaverse and Jasmine. But now that he's home, the once dispassionate detective worries about his friends back in Betaverse. Charlie knows if Vexcor's Link goes up, Betaverse will disappear and Lubinsky and Blues will die. In a moment of reflection, Charlie relays the details of an old investigation as a way to tell Blues about the prevailing corruption and immorality of Alphaverse. He'd forgotten what this cold bleak world was like, but now he knows he can no longer stay there. Meanwhile, still mourning the horrendous loss of his family at his father's hands, 01 is pursued and threatened by Rian Clucas, head of one of Vexcor's biggest competitors.

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