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Batman Beyond (1999) - 3x03 - Inqueling

Plot Outline
Inque hires out her services to an industrialist who wants to sabotage his own space launch for the insurance money. Batman stops her, but when Inque tries to collect sheis shot with a molecular destabilizing weapon and starts to dissolve. In need of help, she seeks out a troubled young woman - her daughter Deanna. Terry figures out who hired Inque, and that her employer betrayed her. Tracking the transfer accounts, he finds INque just as Deanna gives her a shot of the mutagen which she stole. Inque seems to have the upper hand until she starts to dissolve. Deanna betrayed her mother once she got hold of Inque's personal account numbers. Inque is seemingly dead and Deanna is beyond the law...but Batman warns her that Inque has been dead before.

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