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Batman Beyond (1999) - 3x07 - The Call (Part 1)

Plot Outline
JLU member Micron is critically injured after responding to a phony distress signal and being trapped by a force field in a crashing train. In Gotham City, Superman meets with Batman and asks him to become a member. he needs Terry as he suspects someone within the JLU is a traitor. Batman is met with hostility by the other JLU members, and then rescues Aquagirl when she is trapped in a rapidly heating water tank. A series of attacks break out throughout Metropolis, and the JLU move into action. When Warhawk tries to intercept a missile, it is detonated while Batman watches on helplessly. When Batman and Bruce do a video replay, they see that Superman was the one who detonated the missile, and is apparently the traitor! Bruce takes out a piece of kryptonite he had in storage and tells Terry to stop Superman "Any way you can."

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