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The Bedford Diaries (2006) - 1x08 - Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Plot Outline
Professor Macklin (Matthew Modine) makes abstinence the topic of the week. Owen (Penn Badgley) and Natalie (Corri English) rethink their relationship when she won’t let him stay with her for a few days. Owen’s poor attitude makes Natalie consider giving Richard (Milo Ventimiglia) another chance. Lee (Ernest Waddell) is having problems abstaining from both gambling and sex and needs a loan from Richard to pay his gambling debt. Richard hires Zoe (Victoria Cartagena) to be the school newspaper’s new sex columnist, and Sarah (Tiffany Dupont) almost gives her former professor/lover another chance until she realizes he is still preying on his female students.

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