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The O.C. (2003) - 4x01 - The Avengers

Plot Outline
When THE O.C. returns for its fourth season, the gang is adjusting to life without Marissa Cooper. Summer is attending Brown University in Rhode Island, where she has reinvented herself as a left-leaning, tree-hugging activist under the sway of Che (guest-star Chris Pratt). Ryan has moved out of the Cohen house and is dealing with Marissas death in the only way he knows how, and when he misses a special dinner at the Cohens, Seth finds him on the wrong side of the tracks and calls Summer for help. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper will do anything even yard work to avoid dealing with Marissas death, and Kaitlin earns a new pair of boots from Dr. Roberts in true Cooper fashion. And Taylor hides out in the diner so no one will know she is not in Paris.

Episode Comments
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Posts: 71
Posted on:
2006-11-04 13:39:35
1.) The beginning was great (before the intro). Good moments combined with absolutely right music is the best :-) Those are the moments/scenes that they need to put back into the show a lot more. I hope we'll see more of that. Otherwise I don't know what will become of the show; it might not last longer than this season.  

Posts: 19
Posted on:
2006-11-24 13:28:10
2.) I haven't liked this episode that much. I think it's very boring, nothing seems interesting and Summer looks like a stupid girl!  
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