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Standoff (2006) - 1x01 - Pilot

Plot Outline
The pilot introduces Matt and Emily, a man and a woman who deal with their personal relationship while focusing on their jobs as hostage negotiators. In this episode, the CNU deals with two separate crises: one regarding an estranged father about to lose custody of his sons and another revolving a young man who takes control of a coffee shop.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-09-06 02:41:55
1.) I really really really liked it!!! Maybe it's a girl thing but I had warm fuzzies! Anyone know who did the feature song in the pilot tonight? I watched the credits twice & have searced the internet but I can't find the name or artist of the song.

Posted on:
2007-06-10 07:32:11
2.) what about this did you like?  Or anybody else watching this show.  I havn't watched it yet and I don't think I want to start till I know for a fact that it either is running for some time more or is cancelled.  BUT I am willing to take the plunge, so long as it has good "reviews" by ppl AND they comment with specifics if at all possible.  
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