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Battlestar Galactica (2003) - 3x08 - Hero

Plot Outline
A pilot, who got captured by the cylons 2 years prior to their attack, takes his chance to flee. When he comes back to the fleet he has a dark secret to tell about Amada's past.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-11-21 12:34:57
1.) i'm not quite sure whether i like this episode or not. the story is ok but i think adamas reaction was not very comprehensible. 45 years of work inside the fleet an then breaking up because he left one pilot behind years ago? come on, a battleship commander can't be such a wussy.  don't take me wrong, i like his character very much but i guess after such a long time in the fleet one wouldn't quit just because of this. well, that's my opinion.
and i really didn't understand why 'number three' wanted to be shot by that toaster-boy. to experience death? or rebirth?

Posted on:
2006-11-21 22:53:17
2.) i think this episode rocked!

adama's problem wasn't even that he left Bulldog behind, he SHOT him down to prevent detection and he believes by doing this mission, adama started the Cylon war. he feels directly responsible for the death of hundreds of billions.
and of course he isn't gonna quit! just some extra tension...
number three mentioned something about: "there is something greater between life and death" or something in that context. she also said god was trying to talk to her and tell her something. I'm guessing that was the point. She was expecting a vision before rebirth i suppose.

Man, lucky Baltar, first they're threatening to kill him, then he's doing threesomes! kill that bastard, he's gonna develop a cure for the disease for sure.

Posted on:
2006-11-22 06:19:53
3.) you're right, adama believes that he started the war but if you think about it you  must realize that it can't be true. the cylons must have been developing and building baseships and weaponry for a long time or they wouldn't have been able to start such a big war. and when six was on her mission on capcrica, the cylons knew that the humans did not plan to start the war.  she only found out that there was a very big defense system. well, maybe we don't know the whole story yet.  anyway, in my opionion adama should have thought twice about the situation before considering to give up his duty.  
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