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Prison Break (2005) - 2x04 - First Down

Plot Outline
Bellick shacks up with Michael, Lincoln and Nika in hopes of discovering Westmorelands hidden $5 million; a family learns the dangers of hitchhiking when they pick up a stranded T-Bag; Abruzzi rejoins the family and is determined to get his revenge on Fibonnoci; Kellerman makes his move on Sarah, who gets a phone call she has been waiting for; and Mahone finally gets his man.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-09-12 18:09:36
1.) WOW ! this was shocking !! killing Abruzzi will be a promotional bomb for The PB producers in FOX
well, i hope fans can live with losing one of the main characters when the first down be the best actor in the series !!
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