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Battlestar Galactica (2003) - 3x18 - The Son Also Rises

Plot Outline
Lee is ordered to protect Baltar's lawyer, Romo Lampkin, after Baltar's first lawyer dies in what is suspected to be an act of sabotage; bombings cause the crew to examine theories about the culprits.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2007-03-19 14:55:54
1.) Episode 17 was the only good episode in the past few months.
Episode 18 is another crappy daytime soap, the writers must be using copies of daytime soap episodes..
Wait!!!...I figured it out, the producers of BSG hired soap opera writers because they cost 10% of what sci-fi writers are paid...it's all about the money. :(

Posted on:
2007-03-21 06:59:37
2.) i think the plot was much too predictable. the adamas crying some tears for starbuck and then doing their usual work: doubting, asking themselves the same questions over and over again. it's getting a bit boring and that's why they loose viewers.
and when i saw baltars new lawyer i thought he would greet him with "mr. anderson..."

Posted on:
2007-04-10 20:44:25
3.) I just seen the episode and I think it's a bit silly that most the crew would be mourning the loss of Starbuck. After all she was a pain in the backside and I think everyone will be glad to see her gone . I know I am. I agree with the other comments about the Soap Style Script. Hopefully we wont get epsiode after episode of Starbuck and lee's love affair now, or maybe we will get more (Flashback Style). Gee I hope not.  
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