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Prison Break (2005) - 2x13 - The Killing Box

Plot Outline
T-Bag goes postal to track down a missing Mrs. Hollander. Sucre's escape plane faces deadly turbulence. Bellick has the tables turned on him upon his return to Fox River Penitentiary. Michael and Lincoln are taken into custody to be transported back to Fox River, forcing Mahone and Kellerman to take drastic measures to ensure that the brothers make it to the prison morgue instead of their cells. And a surprising ally changes the game for everyone.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-12-02 21:41:07
1.) Does anyone think Mahone is really out of action as the producers want us to think? I looked the show one again and noticed that he was shot in the shoulder which does not make him dead at all. Is it possible he will join the good guys?  

Posted on:
2007-01-08 22:18:33
2.) I hope Kellerman (cant really write his real name) joins the good guys. Like really gettin along and stuff!
Although...he is pretty evil...hmm
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