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The Innocence Project (2006) - 1x04 - Episode Four

Plot Outline
Should Co-Defendants be tried together? Peter Latif and David Canavan were tried together and convicted of murder. Canavan admitted to the robbery but in his statement he said it was Latif who stabbed the victim. Latif denied being involved at all. Canavan’s statement was read out in court but he did not testify. His evidence that Latif killed the victim could not be challenged. And while the jury was told not to accept it as evidence against Latif, they still heard it.

Beth is appalled by the injustice and wants to approach the jury. Only they know how much influence Canavan’s statement had on their verdict. But Ford lays down the law – it is illegal to approach the jury – their deliberations have to be secret.

Nick and Sarah explore the meaning of Obscene when they look at the evidence against Gale, convicted of running a pornographic internet site. Gale claims that he received bad legal advice, and Sarah believes that no matter what the crime, you have a right to a good lawyer.

Ford has problems of his own. His wife has news for him that makes a reconciliation look unlikely!

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