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Standoff (2006) - 1x13 - Backfire

Plot Outline
Panic strikes when two suspected bank robbers take 25 people hostage on the metro train, and Emily is left alone to negotiate when Matt is called to another hostage scene. Although the two men threaten to start killing passengers, Emily suspects that the hostage stunt is actually a cover-up for a getaway. Meanwhile, Matt tries to calm a schizophrenic patient, Neal, who has taken his therapist and her husband captive. Having handled four similar situations previously involving Neal, Matt knows what it takes to ease Neals fears. But when Neals situation takes a surprising turn for the worse, Matt blames himself for concentrating on Emilys safety back at the metro station rather than Neal. As Matt tries to piece together what went wrong, he realizes that he was never truly in control of the situation, and that deception and hidden agendas may be at the root of this disaster.

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