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The Worst Week of My Life (2004) - 3x01 - The Worst Christmas Of My Life (Part 1)

Plot Outline
It's Howard's first festive season with the in-laws, a terrifying ordeal for most people, but a particularly scary one for poor Howard. When he turns up at his office Christmas party it's apparent from the word go that it's going to be a disastrous evening. He's drunkenly propositioned, electrocuted while doing a spot of karaoke and then vomited on by his drunken boss!

Meanwhile a blissfully unaware Mel packs up baby Emily and turns up at her parents' house earlier than expected. Angela and Dick are excitedly preparing for their grand-daughter's first Christmas, when the doorbell rings to reveal Howard drunk and dressed solely in a nappy made out of a black bin bag! After a flurry of explanations, Howard dashes for a pee in the downstairs loo – but it's not the downstairs loo it's the pantry and, as the lights come back on, the whole family witness him doing something unspeakable… Then a false alarm leads to Howard telling Mel's family that Dick has died, and somehow Howard is already spending Mel's inheritance money on a car they most definitely can't afford...

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