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Standoff (2006) - 1x16 - Ex-Factor

Plot Outline
When the key witness in a federal money-laundering case and his wife are kidnapped and held hostage, the hostage-taker demands $2 million to free them. Cheryl's ex-boyfriend, Sam, happens to be the FBI agent working on the case, and he steps in to take full control. Matt, suspicious of Sam and his involvement in the case, keeps a watchful eye on the investigation. The hostage's life-threatening heart problem becomes leverage for the hostage-taker, who raises the ransom price with the threat of torture or even death if his demands are not met. Meanwhile, Sam's presence brings back old feelings for Cheryl, and she tries to keep her work life and her love life separate. As the team races to identify the hostage-taker, they are shocked to discover the true mastermind behind the kidnapping.

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