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The Wedding Bells (2007) - 1x01 - For Whom the Bells Toll

Plot Outline
The Bell sisters, Annie, Jane and Sammy, inherited The Wedding Palace after their parents divorce. Now they must navigate the endless complications of planning elaborate weddings while trying to figure out where they stand in their own complicated love lives. From dealing with high-maintenance Bridezillas and their families to calming wedding-day jitters, the trio of planners and their loyal staff do their utmost to make sure that every brides special day is a dream-come-true, as they attempt to take their burgeoning company from wedding emporium to wedding empire. Adding to the behind-the-scenes chaos are photographer David Conlon, whose tension-filled dealings with Annie are clearly the result of pent-up sexual chemistry; and Russell Hawkins, Janes husband and the company COO. Russell was hired to attract a higher-end clientele and take the business to the next level while simultaneously cutting costs, which isnt very easy because the women like to give clients little extras that keep eating up the profits. Meanwhile, Jane is constantly fending off the advances of their head chef, Ernesto. Then theres wedding singer Ralph Snow, who always aspired to be the next Lenny Kravitz, but instead is stuck crooning endless cover songs and retro medleys for unappreciative wedding guests.

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