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The Wedding Bells (2007) - 1x02 - Wedding from Hell

Plot Outline
The Bell sisters run into budget troubles as they plan a wedding for Bridget and her fianc Ross, a feather boa-wearing and rather effeminate male whom everyone, including Bridgets father, assumes is gay. Bridgets conservative father refuses to financially support a wedding he adamantly disapproves of. Meanwhile, David the photographer deals with a very intoxicated and recently dumped bridesmaid at a wedding reception and quickly becomes involved in a situation he could very well regret later. Sammy deals with Bob the usher, who professes his love to her, and Debbie and Cedric argue about their past. In the midst of all of the chaos, the usually composed Annie confronts her sisters about letting their personal lives interfere with the quality of their work, and Jane mysteriously leaves the meeting in tears, leading the sisters to believe that something might be wrong between Jane and Russell. Later, Ernesto the chef gives Jane a surprisingly risqu suggestion to solve her troubles. With the countdown to Bridget and Rosss wedding under way, Bridgets friends conspire to stop the marriage. Even The Wedding Palace minister disapproves. With everything working against them, Bridget and Ross attempt to prove their strong and unfettered love for each other.

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