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The Wedding Bells (2007) - 1x04 - The Fantasy

Plot Outline
Sammy attempts to reason with Muffy, a young bride who wants to dress as her late fathers favorite character, Dulcinea, a Spanish harlot from the legend of Don Quixote, and walk down the aisle in a dress appropriate for a Penthouse spread. Annie struggles to please a perpetually pessimistic couple who cannot marry until the bride-to-be, Edith, receives permission from her first husband in keeping with Jewish tradition. Meanwhile, hoping to find a way to save her marriage that does not include pursuing an affair, Jane seeks out the expertise of a couples therapist who suggests role-playing as a moral alternative. Ralph is taken by surprise when Amanda Pontell returns with news that her marriage has been annulled, and she makes it quite clear that she sees him as her ticket back into the dating game. When Jane approaches Russell with the concept of role-playing, Russell reveals he has fantasized about her sister Annie. Desperate and enraged, Jane again begins to contemplate an affair, and Ernestos advances become hard to rebuff. When Sammy meets Muffys fianc, Ike, she is so disgusted by his objectifying treatment of her that she tries to convince Muffy to call off the wedding. With one wedding cancelled and another hanging in the balance, The Wedding Palace is thrown into turmoil once again. After exhausting all other options, Edith and her fianc place the fate of their wedding in the hands of her ex-husband, even though she has not seen him in 17 years

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